Rajasthan Kho Kho Association is going to organize 52 senior National Kho Kho Championship men & women 2018-19 in Jaipur, from 24 to 28 March 2019.

International Championship

Dear KhoKho Lovers and Organizations,

Greetings from World KhoKho Federation Inc., a Canadian Non-Profit-Organization (# 1015681-7) under Federal Govt of Canada. World KhoKho Federation (WKKF) is the first International Federation for KhoKho which is also member of United Nations (ESA) for the development of KhoKho worldwide.

WKKF pleased to announce that WKKF is organizing 2017 International KhoKho Championship in Pattaya/Bangkok, Thailand in which WKKF are expecting hundreds of players from few countries. The selected players will also get a chance to participate in KhoKho World Cup to be organize by Canadian KhoKho Federation TBD in Canada. Your participation in this 2017 International Championship will be highly appreciated. WKKF are not funded/supported by any Govt or NGO at this moment so, there will be fee for the tournament. Please talk to the Coordinator(s) for more details about Fee, Fooding, Accommodation, Local Transportation etc.

Please check Invitation for the 2017 International KhoKho Championship-Thailand. Please address your Association or School etc in the top 3 lines. Please extend this greeting to your member/friendly organizations in your country or other countries. WKKF are also planning to organize this competition on Beach for the development of KhoKho among visitors from around the globe. WKKF are expecting lot of new things in KhoKho for the popularity and development of KhoKho in different countries and need your help to develop this sports.

WKKF are open border organization at this moment and offering equal opportunity to all regardless of political, religious, color race, culture etc barriers.

Very soon WKKF are expecting to increase the categories/age groups in KhoKho for the development KhoKho and will discuss during this event. Federation reserves the right to edit categories as decided by the technical/organizing committee.

All participating organizations may get (Full/Associate) membership with World KhoKho Federation (like Recognition and Affiliation) for he development of KhoKho under one flag.

Please confirm your participation before August 25, 2017 with fee, six passport size photos and Passport of the players Visa, Air-Ticket and Hotel Booking in Pattaya, Thailand.

Should you have further questions about the championship please don't hesitate to contact WKKF.

International organiser
Kho kho invitation
World kho kho

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Pattaya / Bangkok, Thailand

Last Date of Form submission

August 25, 2017

Championship Date

September 27 - 28, 2017