eBook / Kho Kho

The game of KHO KHO is based on natural principles of physical development & developing all motor qualities of a person/players. It's vigorous and fosters a healthy combative spirit among youth. It's not merely running with speed but it's CHASE and run a natural instinct to overtake, to pursue to catch a kill as done in ancient time when men tried to kill animals with a hard chase & running skills. No doubt, speed is the heart and to stand to a relentless pursuit of 9 minutes at a stretch (Turn), the heart demands stoutness and stamina. In turn, a physically fit youth enjoys it and the spectators who watch enjoy a thrilling sport to their satisfaction.

A team consist of 12 Players, on Coach, one Manager and other Supporting staff. However, 9 players will take the field in the beginning of the match. The game is played in two innings. An inning will consist of Chasing and Defending turns which shall be of 9 minutes each for Men/Women & Junior Boys/Girls. It shall be of 7 minutes for Sub Junior Boys/Girls. Each match will consist of 2 innings. There shall be an interval of 6 minutes after an innings and 3 minutes break between two turns for Men/Women & Junior Boys/Girls and for Sub Junior Boys/Girls the same shall be 5 minutes and 3 minutes respectively.

Controlled SPRINTING, DODGING, DIVING, POST DIVING, TAPING, COVERING, POST TURNING are a few skills exhibited during the game which is won by a team that scores more points (one point is awarded for every Defender, who is out).

The game can be played on any surface that suits open field sports. As on today, is's played on grounds prepared on turf. Needless to say that uses of synthetic grounds in National Championships was very successful.