Rajasthan Kho Kho Association is going to organize 52 senior National Kho Kho Championship men & women 2018-19 in Jaipur, from 24 to 28 March 2019.


The game of KHO KHO is based on natural principles of physical development & developing all motor qualities of a person/players. It's vigorous and fosters a healthy combative spirit among youth. It's not merely running with speed but it's CHASE and run a natural instinct to overtake, to pursue to catch a kill as done in ancient time when men tried to kill animals with a hard chase & running skills. No doubt, speed is the heart and to stand to a relentless pursuit of 9 minutes at a stretch (Turn), the heart demands stoutness and stamina. In turn, a physically fit youth enjoys it and the spectators who watch enjoy a thrilling sport to their satisfaction.