eBook / Preface

KHO KHO an ancient game of undivided INDIA, probably was derived from the different strategy and tactics of "Kurukshetra" war in Mahabharatha. The chariot fight during the war and zigzag pathways followed by the retreating soldiers indicate the information of Chain Play - Defense skill in the game of KHO KHO.

On the 13th day of the war, the chief of kaurav army, Guru Dronacharya drew a typical strategic formation - CHAKRAVYUH (circular formation) keeping Jayadratha at the main entrance with seven soldiers to draw in and kill the enemy. Veer Abinmanyu, the son of Arjuna, entered into the trap but could not get his way out and in the process got killed. He fought gallantly alone against seven soldiers. The method adopted by Abhimanyu resembles the idea of "Ring Play" - a defense tactics in KHO KHO game.

KHO KHO based on natural principles of physical development, fosters a healthy combative spirit of term understanding.

In the year 1936, during the event of BERLIN OLYMPICS, one kho kho Team from Pune (India) exhibited the salient features of the game of Kho Kho at Berlin. Which was highly appriciated by "Hitler".

Asian Kho Kho Federation (A.K.K.F) was established in the year 1987 during 3rd SAF Games, held at Kolkata, India. The memeber country was India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Maldives.

Kho Kho made its entry into INTERNATIONAL SPORTS arena via 1st ASIAN KHO KHO CHAMPIONSHIP held at Kolkata, India in 1996, organized by West Bengal kho kho association under the auspices of Kho Kho Federation Of India and SIAN Kho Kho Federation on "Tera Flex" Court at Netaji Subhash Indoor Stadium, Kolkata, West Bengal, India in a most befitted manner. India and Bangladesh were Winner and Runner up respectively. The participants were Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and host India.

2nd Asian Kho Kho Championship was held in Bangladesh in the year 2000 at Mirpur Indoor Stadium, Dhaka, Bangladesh has strengthened the approach of the game Kho Kho into the International Arena. India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Japan, Thailand and host Bangladesh were participants of the Championship.

Kho Kho is looking forward for a glorious entry into INTERNATIONAL SPORTS arena very soon.