eBook / Kho Kho Match Rules

  1. A team consist of 12 Players, one Coach, One Manager and other Supporting Staff. 9 Players will take the Field in the beginning to start the match.

  2. An inning will consist of Chasing and Defense turns which shall be of 9 minutes each for Men/Women & Junior Boys/Girls. It shall be of 7 minutes for Sub-Junior Boys/Girls. Each match will consist of two innings. There shall be an interval of 6 minutes after an inning and 3 minutes break between two turns for Men/Women & Junior Boys/Girls and for Sub-Junior Boys/Girls the same shall be 5 minutes and 3 minutes respectively.

  3. The Captain/Coach shall give record of name of the players with Uniform number at the beginning of the turn 3 Runners shall enter in the Court in a batch of three for their Defense. Subsequently next 3 Runners shall enter the Court through their Entry Zone only. When third/last Defender of a batch is declared out, next 3 Runners shall be inside the Court before two KHOS are given. Those Runners who fail to enter within the time lapse of two KHOS, shall be declared out for having entered late (Late Entry.)

    1. The Runners shall continue to enter the Court for Defense in the same batch till the end of the turn. The order of batch shall not be changed during a turn. If a Defender is declared out by showing RED CARD by the Referee, a substitute is allowed to Defending side and the substituted player shall enter with the same batch, if they are have to come inside in the same turn.

    2. The Runners who may enter early shall not be declared out but called back by Referee/Scorer - 2.

    3. An Attacker who put out the last Defender of the batch shall not chase the new batch of Defenders. He shall give KHO, if attacks, it shall be Foul.

    4. After giving a KHO, if any of the Runners enter the Court, Attacker is allowed to chase the Defender. It is not obligatory to given two KHOS to chase a Defender who has already entered.

    5. As soon as the first Defender of a batch is out, next batch of Runners shall occupy the Entry Zone. Each side shall enter its Runners to the Court through their Entry Zone only.

    6. If a Defender is out, he shall return to the Teams Block through the Lobby by going out from the nearest Side Line or End Line.

    7. In a situation when all 3 Runners of a batch have not decided (not entered in the Entry Zone) and have not entered the Field before two correct KHOS are given, Referee have the discretion to decide the batch and declare themm out.

    8. If a batch of 3 Defenders is given out as Late Entry, the Referee shall allow the next batch to enter in the Field within 15 Seconds.

    9. The Chasing side shall score one point for each Defender out.

  4. The Captain of the Chasing team shall have the option to end the turn before allotted time provided after scoring more than 9 points in the first inning. In subsequent innings, where is no such restriction of scoring 9 points to end the turn. He shall inform the Referee about the same by raising his arm and request him to stop the turn. Referee shall stop the turn immediately and the Chasing side shall leave the Chaser Blocks after the Referee has signaled and declare the turn as closed.

  5. Defender side can also request the Referee to close the turn of their Defense in the second inning provided the match is conceded as 'Defeated'. The Referee can allow this, if the difference of points at that time is 9 or more.

  6. In the Knock Out matches, the side that scores more points at the end of the match shall be declared winner. If the points are equal, one more Inning (one turn for each side as Chasers and Runners) shall be played. If again the points are equal, an additional Inning shall be played on minimum chase basis as follows:

    Referee will start the turn of this additional Innings. As soon as first point is scored, the turn shall be closed by the Referee. He shall stop his Stop Watch simultaneously. The time for scoring of this first point shall thus be noted. The side that takes less time to score their first point (MINIMUM CHASE) shall be declared as winner of the match. The Referee shall stop the match in the second trun, if the time exceeds more than 30 seconds than the recorded time of the opponents. If needed, this process shall continue till the winner is decided. Time taken to secure first point shall be recorded in the Score Sheet.

    In any match after the winning point is scored, Referee shall closed the turn after 30 seconds, if not requested by the Chasing side captain. In the League system, the winner will get 3 Points and the Looser get Zero Point. In case of a tie, both the side will get 1 Point each. If there is a tie in a group league points, the concern teams shall replay the match or matches on Knock Out basis after drawing a lot. In case, it is not possible to conduct match/matches for some unavoidable circumstances, the match/matches can be played on minimum chase basis.

  7. If a match is not completed due to any natural means, it shall be continued further at another time, with the same players and same officials as recorded in the Score Sheet, provided it is played in the same session. The scores of the completed turn/s of each side shall be counted, the match being continued, from the beginning of incomplete turn. If the incomplete match is not played in the same session, the entire match will be replayed from the beginning. In this case the players and officials need not be the same.

    If a match is not completed due to other than natural means, the Jury of Appeal will take appropriate decision.

    Time for session is as follow:

    • Morning Session:   Start of session in the morning till completion of the match of the first session.

    • Afternoon Session:   Start of the next session till the completion of all the matches of the day.

    If the matches are scheduled to be played in Flood light, then the density of the flood light should not be less than 250 lax.

  8. After the completion of first Inning, if the points of the side, who chased first at the starting of the match, exceeds the points of other side by 6 to 8, then former side shall have the option of asking the latter side to follow on its turn as a Chaser, without forfeiting its own right to take its turn as a Chaser afterwards, in case the other side exceeds its score.

    It is mandatory to give follow on, if the difference is more than 8 points. In case of follow on the result will be written as "team won by an innings".

  9. The teams shall leave the ground only after the Referee declares the results of the match.


  11. Any number of substitutions can be allowed by the Referee on request of team's coach of Chasing side at any time during the match. For Runners, substitution is allowed only before they enter the Field for their Defense.

    1. As soon as Referee/Scorer - 2 announce the T-Shirt/Shirt no. of substitute Chaser, the particular Chaser will become in action and it is mandatory for him to come out of the Field immediately and incoming Chaser will take his place.

    2. If the outgoing player gets KHO, he cannot chase any Defender or give KHO, if he does so, a Foul shall be declared till the substitution is completed.

    3. Substitution will be made through Substitution Zone(1M.*1M.) only which is at the right side of the Scoring Table.

    4. Substitution Attacker shall not pursue the Defender directly, he shall give KHO first.

  12. Due to any unavoidable situation, if any FINAL MATCH of the Tournament/Championship is not completed or conducted, then both teams will be declared as Joint Winner.

    • To decide for the trophy for the first 6 months, the toss will be taken and the team who won the toss shall get the trophy for the first 6 months as well as shall be considered as winner for the seeding purpose also.

  13. Both Semi Final looser teams will be considered as Third Place winner.

    • For seeding purpose for next National Championship to decide positions (Except 1st & 2nd Position) the minimum chase rule shall be applied.